Didier Bazile

photo_Bazile.Dr. Didier V. Bazile
Sanofi Recherche & Développement
Pharmaceutical Sciences Department
13, quai Jules Guesde – BP 14
94403 Vitry-sur-Seine Cedex – France
phone: 0033 1 58 93 81 36
email: didier.bazile@sanofi.com

As the Head of Drug Delivery Technologies and Innovation at Sanofi, Didier Bazile is in charge of the initiation and the follow-up of programs and projects based on innovative Drug Delivery approaches.

He leads the interface between Technical Develoment and Discovery and supervises the implementation of Drug Delivery tools aimed at facilitating the identification of Drug Candidates and the assessment of their developability.

Didier Bazile leads a Pharmaceutical Innovation Network, managing a portfolio of products based on Drug Delivery innovation and coaching experts developing knowledge associated to (i) a route of administration (skin delivery, ear delivery, intra-articular delivery, ocular delivery) or (ii) a drug delivery approach (e.g. nanotechnologies, depot formulation) deemed critical for a variety of projects at Sanofi.

Didier Bazile started his career at Rhône-Poulenc Santé (an Aventis founder company) and hold different positions in Drug Delivery Research and Pharmaceutical Engineering. He is the author/co-author of pioneering and more recent patents and articles on PLA-PEG nanoparticles. He also had the opportunity to develop innovative Drug Delivery Systems at Laboratoires Fournier, Ethypharm and Novartis.

Didier Bazile was an alumnus of the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in Biochemistry, made a Ph.D. in Pharmacology in the Institut Gustave Roussy (University of Paris VI) and received an Accreditation to Supervise Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences (University of Paris XI).