Jenny Emnéus

EmneusProf. Jenny Emnéus
Technical University of Denmark
Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
mobile: +45 25473548

Date of Birth: 1961-08-09
Place of Birth: Lund, Sweden
Citizenship: Swedish


PhD 1992-10-30: Thesis: The Developments in Determining Starch in Flow Analysis with Immobilized Enzyme Reactors, Dept. Analytical Chemistry, Lund University, Sweden
Assistant Professor: 1993-1999 at Dept. Analytical Chemistry, Lund University
Maternity leave: February 1996-July 1996 with my daughter Johanna
Associate Professor: April 1998, Title of lecture “The Analysis and Potential Hazards of Environmental Estrogens”
Lecturer: Lecturer (tenure) 1999-March 2007 at the Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Lund, Sweden.
Maternity leave: October 2000-April 2001 with my son Måns
Professor MSO: March 2007-October 2012, Dept Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU Nanotech, Building 345east, room no. 254, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Professor MSA:  Permanent from October 2012-, Dept Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU Nanotech, Building 345east, room no. 254, DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark
Visiting Professor Thailand: Feb-March and Oct-Nov. 2014 (in total 4 months) at Dept. Clinical Chemistry, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCH STAY: October 1993-April 1994: with Prof. J. van der Greef´s Division of Analytical Chemistry, in the group of Prof. Hubertus Irth, at Leiden/Amsterdam, Center of Drug Research, Leiden, The Netherlands.

CURRENT RESEARCH DIRECTION: (1) Polymer based microfabrication of microfluidic and perfusion based systems for sensing and bioanalysis. (2 Elastomer- and conducting polymers (carbonised polymer structures) for development of bioartificial organs and cell replacement therapy. (3) Micro and nanofabrication of 2D and 3D carbon and Au based electrode arrays for (bio)electrochemistry and bioimpedance. (4) Microfluidic cell and tissue culture systems for real time dynamic monitoring of cellular events (intra and extracellular) with applications within wound healing, plant cell apoptosis, drug delivery, stem cell research on Parkinson’s and liver disorders.

COMMISSIONS OF TRUST: Evaluation committee for the Swedish Research Councils 2002 and 2003 – asked to participate 2004-2007; evaluator for the Austrian Research Council (FWF) and Centrum för Miljövetenskaplig forskning (CMF), Umeå; Evaluator of lecture position at Micro Electronic Centre (MIC) at DTU Denmark 2005 and 2007; Member of the Board of Chemistry at N-faculty (2004-2006), Environmental Committee at the Chemical Centre (2004-2006), Board of the Chemical Institution at Lund University (2003-2005), re-elected for 2006-2009; Invited opponent/evaluator for PhD defences: W. Khampha, Bangkok, Thailand, A. Rose, Univ. Potsdam, Germany; R. Derks, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and in numerous PhD evaluation committees for PhD defences in Sweden and Denmark; Executive board member of the EC NoE Nano2Life – responsible for Gender Equality within the network. 2004-2007; Invited expert to the European Observatory of Nanobiotechnology (EON). In the management of DTU Nanotech; Invited expert evaluator and rapporteur for the EU FP7 Environment (including Climate change) program, June-July 2007; Member of the technical program committee of the micro-TAS conference since 2008 and until 2011; Task force member in Protein.DTU 2009. Evaluator of ERC starting, consolidator, and advanced grants 2012, 2013-, and

DISTINCTIONS: 2013: Panel member for European Research Council (ERC) Panel LS 9 non-medical biotechnology. 2011: Board member of the Frontiers of Knowledge board (The CFK board). 2011: Invitation by Uppsala University Rector Anders Hallberg to the external evaluation panel of Uppsala University in May 2011. 2010: Appointed by the Danish Minister of Science as member of the Panel “Sundhed, Biotek og Life science” for a Danish roadmap of research infrastructure. 2004: Personal invitation from Rector Göran Bexell, LU, for the leadership program AKKA, at LU in the search for women for leading positions.

MANGERIAL ACTIVITIES: Head of the bioanalytics group and leader of the Lab on a Chip strategic field at DTU Nanotech. I have coordinated 6 major EC projects within the 4-7th framework programme and partner of four. I have been a member of the Executive Board and the manager of Workpackage 3 within the FP6 Network of Excellence Nano2Life. I am currently coordinating a large European FP7 project NanoBio4Trans for development of a bioartificial liver within the Health innovation-2 program.

PROJECTS and FUNDING: My research has been financed by the EU and various Swedish funding sources, e.g. the Swedish Research Council (VR) on a continuous basis 1998-2008. Current funding sources are: (1) from the EC FP7 project called “Exploring Cellular Dynamics at Nanoscale – EXCELL” (budget 3.8 MEuros); (2) Lundbeck funded postdoc (Arto Heiskanen); (4) WP leader in the “Strategic Research Center in Precision and Nano-scale Polymer Mass Fabrication – PolyNano” (Started Feb 1st 2011). (5) FNU project: “Microfluidic Monitoring of Programmed Cell Death in Living Plant Tissue”. Duration: 2012-01-01 to 2014-12-31. Main applicant: Dr. Christine Finney (DTU Systems Biology). Total Project Funding: 4.8 MDKK/Nanotechs part 1.95 MDKK. 6) Coordinator of FP7- project “NanoBio4Trans” (start sept 1st 2012). Total project funding: 6 M€.

LEADERSHIP TRAINING: (1) Career course for women (“Kvinnor i karriären)” given by UCLU, Lund University 1998. Two weeks.(2) Progress in Development of Groups and Leaders”, organized by Lund University Education AB, Right Sinova and Nano2Life 2005 in Hungary. One week. (3) Supervision course “Handledarkurs”, UCLU, Lund University. Two days Jan 2005. (4) Leadership training course (“AKKA –Akademiska Kvinnors Ansvar”), one year 2004-2005.

SUPERVISIONMain supervisor of PhD students – 16 (6 current); Co-supervisor PhD students – 17 (Postdocs and guest researchers – 10 (4 current).

COLLABORATIONS: Through the coordination of 6 EU projects and participation in many EU projects as well as National project, I have acquired a large international and national network: Some examples are Russia (Prof. Sergei Eremin and Prof. Yaropolov, Lomonsov Moscow State University; Dr. Anatoli Reshetilov, Puschino Univerity), Ukraine (Dr. Ludmila Taranova), Poland (Dr. Iza Zdrojewska), Thailand (Dr. Wanida Khampha), Spain (Prof. Alberto Serrano Martinez, University Autonomous of Madrid, Center of Molecular Biology; Prof. Elena Dominguez, Univ. Alcalá de Henares; Prof. Damia Barceló and Maria-Pilar Marco, CID-CSIC, Barcelona), Germany (Assoc. Prof. Ulla Wollenberger, Prof. Frieder Scheller, Univ. Potsdam; Dorothea Pfeiffer, CEO of BST, Berlin), The Netherlands (Prof. Hubertus Irth, Free Univ. Amsterdam); Ireland (Prof. Dmitri Papkovsky, Luxcel Biosciences); Greece (Prof. Irene Mavrides, Demokritos, Athens); Romania (Prof. Andrei Danet and Assoc. Prof. Madalina Tudorachei, Univ. Bucharest); Check Republic (Milan Franek, Petr Skladal, Masaryk Univ, Brno); Denmark (Magrethe Winther-Nielsen, DHI, Hørsholm; Lars Nøregaard, KVL, København Univ.); Sweden (Prof. Merab Kokaia, Wallenberg Neuoroscience Centre, and Prof. Lo Gorton, Biochemistry, Lund Univ., Prof. Tautgirdas Ruzgas, Malmö Univ.); Italy (Prof. Marco Sampietro, Univ. Politecnico di Milano, Prof. Roberto Raiteri, Univ. Genova); USA (Prof. Marc Madou, UC Irvine, Calif).

ORGANISER OF CONFERENCES: 1.Organiser of Mini-symposium, EC-meeting October 24, 1994, Ideon Research Town, Lund, Sweden; 2. Chairwoman and organiser of “The 2nd Workshop on Biosensors and Biological Techniques in Environmental Analysis, Grand Hotel, Lund, Sweden, Sept. 11-13, 1996. 3. In coordinating committee of the “Fourth Workshop on Biosensors and Biological Techniques in Environmental Analysis”, December 1-3, 1999, Maó, Menorca, Spain. 4. Organiser of “future workshop” in Chemistry” for the purpose of increasing the communication on chemistry education between Industries, Universities, high schools, the public (20 people from all sectors invited), Odengården, Höör, June 13-14, 2002. 5. Co-organiser of the national pedagogic conference SPUK in Lund, 2006. 6. In local organising committee for microTAS 2004 in Malmö, Sweden. 7. Organiser of Nano2Life Executive board meetings in Lund June 2005 and Sept. 2006. 8. Organiser of N2L´s large scientific meeting in Lund October 2008; 9. Member of the Technical Program Committee (TPC) Member of microTAS 2008 (San Diego), 2009 (Korea); 2010 (Groningen), 2011 (Seattle); 10.  Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Biotech Innovation through Nanotech (Science Dating), DTU Nov. 2007 and at Carlsberg May 2009; 11. In the scientific board of NanoBioEurope in Grenoble 2009, France; 12 In local organizing committee of ESEAC 2014 in Malmö, and 13 the Bioelectrochemical Society’s annual conference (BES 2015) to be held in Malmö 2015. 14 Co-organiser of 8 ProteinDTU workshops between 2008-2012.

REVIEWING: Anal. Chem; Anal. Bioanal. Chem; Biosens & Bioelectr; Anal. Chim. Acta; Talanta; The Analyst; JACS; Biotechniques, Env.Sci.Technol, Lab-on-a-chip, Langmuir and several more.

ORAL PRESENTATIONS (at international conferences)44 (26 invited, 1 plenary, 2 keynote)

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H-index: 35, Citations: 4523. Publications reported: 177
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H-index: 31, Citations without self-citations: 3394. Publications reported. 130;